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29-Dec-19 in Motivation

When you’ve finished the race you have been training so long for, what happens next? What do you do with yourself? You don’t need to train to the same rate you were, so how do you keep your fitness levels up and keep yourself fitness motivated?

Let’s say you have spent the last 6 months training for a marathon, every waking hour in your final 2 weeks was consumed with excitement, nerves and only the race was on your mind. Now it’s over, what next? When you have spent so much time dedicated to a race then it’s over it can feel like a void, a bit of a lull and you can feel lost. You might not fancy doing another race straight away, but you want to keep your fitness levels up, and that is understandable. But without the focus, can you keep it up? Here are some  tips to keep you fitness motivated.

Book another challenge

The obvious choice is to book another race, that could be of a different distance, for example, you have done a marathon, you could then up it to an ultra marathon. Perhaps you’ve only done road runs, what about switching to a trail run? Whatever you decide, booking a race will always keep you focused and keep your fitness where you want it to be.

Watch something motivating

Watch documentaries that truly inspired you to push on and help you fitness motivated.

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable

Remember the surfer that had that horrendous shark attack but made a remarkable recovery and still became a world champion? She has a new documentary out. It’s truly unbelievable, and if you get a chance please do watch this. The sheer drive and determination of Bethany to even get back in the water, let alone take her surfing to where she has, is an absolute miracle. Watch the trailer below.

The Dawn Wall

Located in the Yosemite National Park California, Tommy Caldwell has this personal challenge to free climb the Dawn Wall of El Capitan. It’s quite an emotional journey as you hear about his experience being held hostage in Kyrgyzstan, and the choices he and his fellow climbers had to make. I was completely glued watching him repeatedly attempt to climb the 3,000-foot rock face, and how regardless of the setbacks he pushes on.

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