HIIT a.k.a High-intensity interval training

11-Mar-20 in Gym

If you want to get in shape without wasting much of your time, then HIIT aka High-intensity interval training is what you truly need to adopt in your workout routine. It is a form of anaerobic exercise that not only gives you an attractive and sexy figure but also helps in maintaining heart rate and blood sugar that is necessary for a healthy lifestyle.


What is HIIT?

You might be wondering what high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is and how it can help you losing weight in a short time. It is best stated as the combination of the high and low-intensity workout or high-intensity exercise and a short period of rest. For better understanding, let’s take an example—climbing stairs. Climbing stairs quickly and without taking any time gap, followed by walking back down on these stairs is a good option. High-intensity workouts are very much active. You can easily compare 10 minutes of HIIT to 45 minutes of a jog.

For the best result, you should at least devote your 20 minutes from your busy schedule for the HIIT, which anyone can easily find out. HIIT is so simple that we can make it part of our home workout and also when we are travelling.



How does it work?

No doubt, high-intensity interval training is one of the most challenging forms of the workout, but it can also be stated as the most efficient in burning calories and unwanted body fat. While doing HIITs, the body’s need for oxygen increases, and lack of oxygen makes the body ask for more. As a consequence, the aftermath helps in burning more fat than aerobic workout.


Our 10 Best HIIT Workout to Burn Calories Fast


HIIT Combo #1

  1. Mountain Climbers (20 seconds work- 40 seconds rest)x 5 sets
  2. Jump Squats (20 seconds work- 40 seconds rest)x 5 sets
  3. Bear walk (20 seconds work- 40 seconds rest)x 5 sets


HIIT Combo #2

  1. Burpees (30 seconds work- 60 seconds rest)x 5 sets
  2. High Knees (30 seconds work- 60 seconds rest) x 5 sets
  3. Front plank (60 seconds work- 60 seconds rest) x 5 sets


HIIT Combo #3

  1. Jump rope (30 seconds work- 60 seconds rest)x 5 sets
  2. Push ups ( 15 reps) x 5 sets
  3. Calf Raises (30 reps) 5 sets


 Finally at FITZIP our favourite

  1. Sprint

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Benefits of the HIIT.

According to a research, High-intensity interval training or sprint interval training is beneficial in many ways. Some of the essential benefits of the high-intensity workouts are listed below.