How to lose weight fast: 5 easy ways based on science and facts

30-Jul-20 in Gym
  1. We have all been trying to lose weight and struggling with successful weight loss. The reason being there is huge amount of information available that will spin our heads. A lot of them, also without correct proof.

Here are the science and facts of Top 5 weight loss steps to start your successful weight loss journey.

1. Drink Water

We have all heard many times that drinking more water will help you lose more weight. But does water really help weight loss? The answer is yes.

Research says that increase in water intake helps to boost our metabolism, detoxifies our body and suppresses hunger.

You can read more here in the research published :



Another question we have is how much water should we drink?

We have recommendation of 2 liters a days but it is without any fact. The consumption varies for each individual.  A person exercising regularly might need more amount than an average Joe. This also varies for older people and mothers who are breast feeding.

Drinking water along with following the other steps below will help you achieve weight loss.

2.Cut Carbs

Carbohydrates is one of the main macro nutrients that causes weight gain.

Unfortunately the basic Indian diet has some default components that are very carb rich.

We have Rice, Chapati, Paratha, Idli, and Poha in our regular diet and it is one of the reason of obesity in India.

When we remove these carbohydrates, sugar and starch, we turn our body into a fat burning machine.

According to few diet experts, low carb diets can result in losing weight up to 4.5kgs in the 1st week itself.


Please understand that it’s low carb diet and not no carb diet. So include few good carbs.



Moong daal

Soy chunks


Egg white



3. Super hero Protein

Now that we have cut down the carb intake, what do we replace it with?

The answer is protein.  Studies have shown that if the protein intake is increased by 20%, keeping everything else same, there is a weight loss of 6-8 kgs over 10 weeks.

How much protein should we consume? The recommended value is 0.8g/kg/day. Which means if you are 80 kg then in a day you need to consume 80X0.8 g, which is 64g of protein.

Best protein diets for weight loss

Lean protein - lean meat, seafood, eggs

Beans – Rajma and Soya bean

Soy chunks, nuts, and seeds

Low-fat dairy products: Paneer or Cottage Cheese, Hung curd

Mushrooms, Broccoli, Daal or lentils


Protein intake have also shown weight loss even when the calorie intake is higher.

Other benefits of a high protein diet are.

You do not feel hungry for long durations. Resulting in reduced calorie intake

Increases calorie burn

 4. Exercise

Exercising and lifting weights help us to burn more calories. It also helps us to keep the metabolism up, since the metabolism tends to slow down due to weight loss.

Exercise also helps to build muscles go give you extra strength, after all its not just about losing weight. It’s about feeling good and being strong

Exercise also helps to improve your heart’s health and boosts immunity

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