Sedentary lifestyle vs Active lifestyle

19-May-20 in Motivation

Wake up from your bed, freshen up, take a seat at the dining table, having breakfast log in and start with office work. Leave your seat only for a break to watch television warming your couch. Back to office work, into your chair! Either way we sit and work or we sit and watch television! Basically we rise from one seat to settle on another!! This is a classic example of sedentary lifestyle!! This is also the reason for us to take a step back and think and act towed an active lifestyle!

Sedentary Office Lifestyle Vs  Active Lifestyle :

Sedentary Office Lifestyle is typically close to zero movement! Lack or absence of physical movement and sitting or lying at one place for a very long time. Be it work or liesure we end up sitting instead of walking or any such activity. Majority of our time, we spend in office. That's how sedentary lifestyle creeps in quietly! It is important to be aware of these tendencies and work on getting into an active lifestyle. It may not be easy to begin with as we are used to live in our comfort zones! Active Lifestyle is the need of the human body. Active Lifestyle involves physical activities in addition to doing the actual work of our lives. The current scenario gives a chance to live an active lifestyle where we are involved in numerous household chores along with office work. An active lifestyle helps in maintaining a healthy physical and mental state! 

Sedentary Lifestyle - The harmful lifestyle :

Prolonged inactivity leads to various problems and sometimes even chronic diseases in our life. The drawbacks of sedentary lifestyle are extremely bad.Therefore it is a good habit to keep moving from time to time. 

Effects of Prolonged inactivity on physical level : Weight gain, leading to obvious health risks like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. The more weight you gain the harder your heart has to work. Heart being a muscle,  the less it is worked, the weaker it becomes. Low-calorie burn resulting in a lot of fat gains. Loss of Flexibility. Our body's immune system goes for a toss.

Effects of Prolonged inactivity on emotional level :With no/low movement in the body, the minds tends to become dull abd with time it also leads to laziness, lethargy, even depression.

Active Lifestyle - Benefits :

Active Lifestyle is the answer to all the issues listed above. This is why one needs to come out from the Sedentary lifestyle towards Active Lifestyle. Maintaining an active lifestyle will not only keep us healthy on the level of body, but also a positive attitude and happy state of mind.