Strength and weight training for women

14-Apr-20 in Gym

Have you been doing cardio till you die? Jogging, cycling, zumba will definitely help to lose a lot when done religiously, but there will be a time when you’ll hit a plateau.

Strength and weight training will help you continue your journey as it increases the metabolism and build toned muscles. More muscles help you burn more calories through the day. Weight training also increases bone density in the woman, which protects them from severe injuries and arthritis. Lifting weight helps in correcting posture and makes the backbone stronger, which reduces the problem of back pain that is very common in women. It further helps you to get rid of severe heart diseases and diabetes. Apart from losing weight, it also improves the mood and reduces stress.

About strength and weight training

Strength and weight training is a type of physical training that includes the lifting of weight for the strengthening of the core, lower back, legs, and upper body. Weight training is one of the effective ways that help you to lose weight and unwanted fat by increasing the amount of metabolism in your body. It further helps in improving stamina and muscle strength.

Weight training for beginners : It might get daunting in the beginning but the best way is to just start . Gradual increase in weights will develop the tolerance, power, and strength to lift more weight than you once thought. You will find that your body is becoming stronger and more flexible by each passing day. It helps you to become mentally fit too! You can join any weight training program in the nearby gym. There are many ladies gym (exclusively for ladies) that provide strength and weight training. You can easily find such gyms by searching the gym near me on the internet.

Does strength training make you bulky?

As a woman, you might be wondering that lifting weights will make you look bulky, but that’s not the truth. It is because females generally have a lower amount of testosterone as compared to men. Strength and weight training make your muscles toned without making you look bulky. Famous celebrities and models have weight training as an integral part of their fitness regime


The purpose that strength and weight training serves

Transformation of your body along with a blast of confidence, weight training is all about making you more energetic and an attractive woman. Some of the vital benefits of undergoing strength and weight training are -

  • It helps in controlling body weight.
  • It increases body flexibility and also helps in making bones and muscles stronger women and men.
  • Weight training helps in maintain brain health as it relieves stress.
  • It also helps in living longer as it reduces the risk of heart disease in women that result in death in several cases


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